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Demonstrate Your Emotional Intelligence to Land That Job - Hone interview techniques that demonstrate cultural fit to your potential employer.

Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Your Hiring Success - Increasingly, companies are using AI in the screening and hiring process, and that means the way you look for and land a job needs to evolve as well.

In interviews, it’s not about 'right' answers - Some job interview questions don’t have “right” or “wrong” answers. It's more important for you to be honest and true to yourself.

Advice for Teenagers Looking for Summer Jobs - Five things to keep in mind for today’s job search.

Summer Job Tips for Teens - Co-Founder, Jeff Allen, discussed summer employment opportunities for teens on The Today Show. Review Jeff's tips on available jobs, work permits, internships, and more.

Cover Letters:

Tips and Hints on Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Following Your Bliss:

Introduction to Following Your Bliss

To Temp or Not To Temp

The Early Bird Gets The Work: How to Land A Seasonal Dream Job

Part 1 The Interview: It’s Not All About You

Part 2 The Interview: They’re Called Red Flags For a Reason

Mentors Don’t Grow On Trees - Why Not Try A Job Coach?

The Ideal Spot: Finding that Perfect Place

It Shouldn’t Have To Be This Hard: How To Take The Sting Out Of Writing A Resume

Someone To Watch Over Me - The Value of Finding a Career Mentor

The Waiting Game - The Perils of Love and Job Seeking

International Employment:

Tips for International Employment: What You Must Know

The Skinny on Work Visas in the USA