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  • The Largest Apprenticeship Investment in U.S. History - Jobs for the future: Apprenticeships are critical to the strength of our nation’s workforce and our economy, and Dept Of Labor is investing in apprenticeship. The department is awarding $175 million to 46 grantees across the country to develop or expand apprenticeships in high-growth industries. It’s a cutting-edge investment, creating opportunity for thousands.
  • Secrets to Online Job Hunting - Signing up for online job boards may be less strenuous than pounding the pavement with your resume. But you still need to make an effort to ensure your e-resume gets noticed by employers.
  • The Top 10 Skills Employers Want - The list may surprise you. All of the skills and qualities on employers' most-wanted list are the transferable "soft" skills workers use in every position, in every industry and on every job, both temporary and permanent.
  • How a Good Candidate Clears the H.R. Hurdles - How do you persuade a company to hire you when the laws of supply and demand are against you? Get some ideas from this New York Times article.
  • Seasoned Workers - Can You Change your Career After 40? This article shows you how to make the most of your job and life experience.
  • They're Hired! - We were encouraged by this Boston Globe Magazine Article which gives lessons from six determined jobseekers who tell how they found new jobs in this tough economy.
  • Best Job Markets for Recent College Grads - Recent college grads can find themselves at a disadvantage as employers look for candidates with more experience. But they may stand out as being flexible in considering relocation or switching careers to follow that top job. Business Week researched the best states for your industry.
  • Summer Job Tips for Teens - Co-Founder, Jeff Allen, discussed summer employment opportunities for teens on The Today Show. Review Jeff's tips on available jobs, work permits, internships, and more.


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