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SigNet Technologies (SigNet) is seeking experienced and technical Sales Executives. The position will support Security Installation Services and/or Network Solutions.

Signet is an outstanding, professional physical security integrator, with strong engineering and operational support to maximize the potential output and income for the right ambitious, aggressive sales professional. Our technology is top notch, representing all the major Access Control, CCTV Management and Storage, PSIM, IDS and other related technologies. With Signets strong skill sets, excellent past performance, outstanding operational support and modern proposal production tools, you will be able to spend more time with clients, earning more money.

SigNet is an information technology company that is focused on the physical security with locations in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. SigNet is a leader in the design, integration, installation, maintenance and operation of technically-complex integrated physical security management systems. We have the ability to support the entire life-cycle of these programs and projectsfrom security analyses, engineering and design, through installation, operation and maintenanceusing in-house personnel and resources is our biggest discriminator.

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On-Site Project Superintendent job search
Huntsville, AL
Job DescriptionThe Superintendent will lead the site installation of Electronic Security Systems (ESS) including but not limited to new and system upgrades...