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Stickfest Group Ltd

Company Description

The Company is a major international player in the calcium aluminate cements (CAC) segment, manufacturing and distributing its specialized product primarily into the building product sector. With annual revenues exceeding 50MioEURO, the Company sells into more than 60 countries, with its biggest markets being the US and Germany. The Company operates out of several sites, as well as the HQ in Mannheim, Germany, including an R&D and commercial centre; manufacturing operations in Pula (Croatia); sales and marketing offices in the US and Singapore; a bauxite quarry in Izmir (Turkey); and distribution centres in the US, UK and Sweden.

CAC are a family of high-value and high-performance specialty binders used for high strength, rapid hardening and heat resistance. The Company's products are sold into segments such as building chemistry, refractories, and other specialized products. In Building Chemistry, the largest endmarket of the Company, CAC, is often used in blends with ordinary cement (OPC), improving its performance.

In recent years, our Client obtained has increased its penetration into the fast-growing markets by developing new product applications where CACs high-performance characteristics create value added solutions.

This Company is a portfolio company of a leading European private equity fund focused on industrial growth investing in companies driven by environmental trends.



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