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Buse Printing

Machinist, Letterpress Operator, Engraving Press Operator

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Job Location

Phoenix, AZ, United States

Job Description


  • Machinist

  • Letterpress Operator

  • Engraving Press Operator

  • Offset Press Operator

  • Folder Operator

Full-time/Part-time Monday thru Friday

Experienced or Willing To Train

Enhance Your Image!
By printing offset, letterpress, engraving, digital and special effects you can combine the printing processes to create new images. Each printing process has its own unique look and feel.
Welcome to Buse Printing and Packaging. Our specialty is helping customers stand out in today's competitive marketplace. We are constantly innovating to maintain our position in the forefront of today's technology. We offer a variety of printing processes to enhance your image! UV varnishes and inks, foiling, embossing, diecutting and specialized finishes such as light and heat changing inks to scratch-off and custom scents. Plus much more. Buse is proud to offer all of our services in-house with the consequent control of quality and turnaround time. We have the know-how and equipment to make your creative ideas stand out. We can turn any idea into a finished product! Plus, we are the lowest cost manufacturer in most cases. Since 1971, we are debt free, purchase materials in volume, have in-house engineers and a complete machine shop.
Innovation for Printing
Innovation has always been the hallmark of successful print communication, although printers themselves are all too often conservative and overly cautious. Buse Printing and Packaging does all the printing processes in-house.
Our only limitations are the bounds of your imagination!
At 15 years old I knew I wanted to be a printer.
Mona Buse, my partner, and I started the business in 1969. We bought an operating Letterpress Print Shop. The equipment was all from the 18th century, a 10"x15" C&P, Handset Lead Type, Ludlow, Wood Type, Perf Machine, Punch, Paper Cutter all for $1500. Mona describes herself as "A Worker Bee". We married in 1965.
My mentor/sensei was Larry Chard, my printing teacher at North Phoenix High School. I graduated 1959 from North High. After Larry Chard retired, he went to work for Buse Printing for 15 years.
From the beginning of BUSE PRINTING, we strive to be "The lowest priced craftsmen printer and still make money." We have never borrowed money. We have never paid any interest on any money. We have never failed to pay bills on time. We never lease anything.
We do all of the six different printing processes, engraving, offset, letterpress, digital, hand processes, screen print, variable, multi-combination of each of the six, and complete mailing, converting, speciality bindery, creative, special effects, fragrances, scratch-off, packaging, large format, credit cards, hardcover books, stringing, taping, prep, IT, research, prototyping, machine shop with machinist and electrician in-house, all types of substrates, materials, web, sheet-fed, specialty, unique, custom, security jobs, plus no job is too small.
We have 90,000 square feet under roof at 3 different and separate printing plants, in Phoenix, including our own rail car siding. We have simple and complex tools and high production work flow systems. We buy in volume almost all materials. We have only assets -- no liabilities. Approximate 75% of our business is national. We have no salesmen or saleswomen, no commissions paid.
This formula with my family = Success and Security.

Our life's mission: WORK! WORK! WORK!
To gain INSIGHT.
To receive and give INSTRUCTIONS.
for MONEY.
I have ALWAYS had a full time WORKING job since I was 13 years old. Most of the jobs I have had, approximately 80% were offered to me by strangers or from working relationships; 20% I had to submit a resume. Why did I change jobs? To LEARN something NEW! Most of the jobs I took, I took pay cuts; since I was 13 years to now, The few jobs where I was fired, I went to work on another job, same day or next day.

The JOY, HAPPINESS, SATISFACTION I get from WORKING and LEARNING puts MEANING and PURPOSE into my life. The THRILL is that my customers and ex-employers pay/paid me to LEARN, to EXPLORE, to RESEARCH, to PLAY GAMES, to FIX PROBLEMS, to CREATE PROBLEMS!
HAPPINESS in my life is
something to DO/WORK,
something to FIX,
something to TRY,
something to LOVE,
something to LEARN!!!

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Location: Phoenix, AZ, US

Posted Date: 11/18/2021
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Buse Printing


November 18, 2021
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