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Platinum Heritage is the only desert safari company in the UAE that offers authentic and luxury desert safaris. We deliver the best desert experiences possible, created for discerning travelers who expect the highest level of service and attention to detail. That’s how we earned the prestigious World Travel Award for the Middle East’s Best Desert Safari three years in a row and why we’ve been TripAdvisor’s leading Desert Safari Company for over 5 years.

As the only company in the UAE operating inside the grounds of a Royal family member’s private desert retreat, we put authenticity above all else, and as such we ensure that our safaris embrace the culture, history, and environment of this great land. We bring Emirati culture to life with vibrant camps, traditional dancers, and authentic cuisine. From our falcon trainers to our locally sourced materials, our goal is to recreate the desert nomad lifestyle down to the finest detail.

History matters - which is why our Land Rovers are the same ones used in the 1950’s, restored to their former glory. It’s also why we’ve employed the help of Emirati scholars in order to be as accurate as possible with our recreation. Keeping the environment intact is our top priority. We always practice sustainability and make great efforts to never disrupt the local flora and fauna. We are one of the two desert safari companies allowed to operate in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve; on all our tours, our highly-trained Guides take Guests on entertaining and educational wildlife drives in 1950s vintage Land Rovers in the reserve. Our wide range of desert tours aim to create unique experiences and to meet the needs of a variety of explorers and tourists from all over the world. Our priority is to simultaneously preserve the cultural heritage of the UAE and to create world-class travel experiences attracting Guests from all over the world.

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Please write a motivation letter and a brief background of your work experience, what you can bring to our team or what we can help you with.

State if you would like an internship or seasonal. (Both 8 months)

If you are interested, please contact Peter Roosenschoon on 00971555950248 or send CV/Resume to

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