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LanePark Sidney is a senior living community owned and operated by a team of seasoned leaders converged to create an unparalleled experience for seniors, their families, our associates, and the surrounding towns.  Our company isn’t about being different or better necessarily, we’re about being personal and real.  At LanePark, every single person matters. That’s what we do:  “Personal Matters”. 

We “flip the org chart upside down", empowering everyone to do the right work.  We know the "right work" is removing barriers to a personalized experience.  We have redefined what leadership means. 

Everyone is a leader at LanePark and those in positions with management responsibility will experience a humbling, “servant leadership” culture.  We don’t “recruit” for “open positions”.  We extend invitations to those who exude our excitement to serve and live our values out of pure and authentic connection.  For us, it’s not how well you do what you do, it’s why you do what you do.

Invitations are made following a rigorous talent and team selection process, which includes scientific behavioral assessments, peer and group dialogues, community integration processes, and the ability to promote our collective values to new residents. 

If after reading this you are energized, we want to speak with you.  Only the focused and authentic shall apply.

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Contact: Human Resources


Job DescriptionThe resident care assistant will provide personal care services, assistance, support and supervision to residents. The resident care assistant...
Location: Huber Heights, OH
Posted on: Sat, 30 Dec 2017 by LanePark